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Aretians Rangers


Aretians Rangers, a purely social side concentrating more with meeting up on Saturday (initially once a month) than actually playing a game, although a run out every now and again would be nice!


In true Willsy style, this idea will cater for those of us who think they are still 21, or would simply like an opportunity to say they have played a game of rugby with their Son, Dad, Grandad or even an old mate. 

Any games that are organised will be against a similar non-competitive team (don’t want any of us keeling over in the first 5 minutes!), but the idea is to get back to being who we truly are, Legends in our own Lunchtimes. 


In honour of our mate Willsy, along with many others we have lost throughout the years, we thought we would kick off with a home game of social rugby against our friends at Kingswood RFC on 7th October 2023. 

The number 3 shirt will be retired out of our deepest respect for Rob and he will always be our Rangers Captain. 

It will be a great time to catch up with everyone and reminisce about the good old days. 


We would love everyone to be there - especially those who have appeared in team photos over the years - we need you all to spread the word and drop each other a message to get as many as we can involved in the day/game. 

Please come along and bring ex-members and friends with you for what we hope will be a special day for all. 

If you are interested in donning a kit for 5 minutes (or more if the mood takes you), just drop us a message below. 


Rich Chivers 


Aretians Rangers

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Admit it, we all look forward to the social aspects of rugby, whether it’s playing bar games, singing (out of tune), watching a game on the big screen or even reminiscing of times gone by and how good we were! 


I miss all of that…but I definitely don’t miss the wet weather, winter training and endless warmups! So, I asked myself, what would Willsy have done, let’s face it, he couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, but he would be there with his boots on if you told him.


After a few discussions between friends, the idea was born of

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